Let’s Talk about those Crawling Ants in Michigan

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Let’s Talk about those Crawling Ants in Michigan


Pavement Ants: The name “Ant” comes from where they locate nets. Pavement Ants commonly occur under cracks in the pavement. Pavement ants will occasionally nest in walls, insulation, and under floors. The most likely place is in ground-level masonry walls of the foundation, especially near some heat source in winter. Outside, these ants typically nest under stones, in cracks in the pavement, and next to buildings.

carpenter ant.jpg

Carpenter Ants: They build nests inside wood consisting of galleries chewed out with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp wood. However, unlike termites, they do not consume wood. Sometimes, carpenter ants hollow out sections of trees. They also commonly infest wood. Examples are wooden cabinets, buildings, and structures, and are a widespread nuisance and a significant cause of structural damage. Nevertheless, their ability to excavate wood helps in forest decomposition.

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Odorous House Ant: Tapinoma is sessile is a species of small ant that goes by the common names odorous house ant, sugar ant, stink ant, and coconut ant. Their colonies are polydomous (consisting of multiple nests) and polygynous (containing multiple Reproducing queens). Like many social insects, T. sessile employs complex foraging strategies, allocates food depending on environmental conditions, and competes with other insects. T. sessile can be found in many habitats, including within houses. 

They forage mainly for honeydew, produced by aphids and scale insects guarded and tended by the ants, as well as floral nectar and other sugary foods. They are common household pests and are attracted to sources of water and sweets.

Four Seasons Exterminating will Rid your property of crawling insects, including 

Common household pests that crawl in the state of Michigan include:

1. Ants (including carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants)

2. Cockroaches (such as German cockroaches and American cockroaches)

3. Spiders (including wolf spiders, house spiders, and brown recluse spiders)

4. Beetles (such as carpet beetles and powderpost beetles)

5. Centipedes

6. Earwigs

7. Silverfish

8. Boxelder bugs

9. Millipedes

10. Termites

11. Bed bugs

12. Fleas

13. Crickets

These pests can be found in and around homes and may require different methods of pest control and prevention!